Lerne Joanna kennen und erfahre,
warum ihr unsere Expertensoftware
im Pflege-Alltag so viel Unterstützung
bietet ...

Die Pflege-Expertensoftware

CareIT Pro
  • spart bis zu 1 Stunde Dokumentation pro Patient / Tag
  • autom. Generierung von Leistungskennzahlen (PKMS ...)
  • Erhöhung der Zufriedenheit, Qualität & Sicherheit
  • Einfache Erweiterung des vorhandenen Kliniksystems
  • sichert zusätzliche Erlöse bis zu 75 EUR / Fall
  • Die Pflege-Expertensoftware

    CareIT Pro
  • für Kliniken
  • für Rehakliniken
  • in der Psychiatrie
  • For hospitals
    • Automates the documentation of the nursing process including nursing planning
    • integrated wound and fall documentation
    • Automatic generation of PKMS and care-relevant ICD. 10 diagnoses
    • Derivation of Barthel index, extended Barthel index and FIM with scores
    • Support of discharge management
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    For rehabilitation clinics
    • Automates nursing documentation including nursing planning with linked cathodic dip painting data entry
    • integrated wound and fall documentation
    • Generates automatic billing and performance key figures (e. g. KTL)
    • Derivation of “Frühreha-Barthel-Index” (FRB) to Schönle
    • interdisciplinary team documentation
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    For Psychiatry
    • Intelligent nursing documentation including nursing planning with integrated nursing assessment (from anamnesis to the implementation of the measures)
    • integrated wound and fall documentation
    • lawful, psychic care documentation
    • interdisciplinary team documentation
    • easy connection to the existing HIS / EHR
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    For nursing care
    • saves up to 60 minutes per patient /day
    • Automatic generation of maintenance data key figures for control and settlement (e. g. PKMS, ICD)
    • intelligent task overview & implementation documentation
    • mobile, digital patient curve
    • integrated wound, fall and photo documentation
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    For management
    • legally compliant, MDK-safe documentation
    • up to 75 EUR/case due to automatic billing data
    • integrated risk and quality management relevant to nursing care
    • Real-time key figure dashboards for easy control
    • integrated occupancy control with intensity of care
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    For the IT department
    • high interoperability through state-of-the-art technologies (HL7, FHIR)
    • Connection of sensors, measuring devices & smart care aids
    • Integrated FHIR store for easy integration of innovations
    • platform and device-independent, can be used online and offline
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    It is noteworthy that, as the largest professional group in the health care market, nursing currently benefits least from digitisation and innovative technologies. Our solutions support the nursing staff in preventive, workflow and technical decisions! – Stoyan Halkaliev



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