Until the first, humanoid robots in care will be in service, it will surely still take a little time. But even today, we are dealing occasionally with (ro)bots. Many messengers (Whatsapp, Facebook etc.) already allow the integration of „robots“, so-called chatbots.

I asked myself whether a chatbots could have a benefit for care. And I had many spontaneous applications. So I dedicated myself directly to the creation of a demo bot. This chatbot, called „NursBee“, can be accessed via Facebook messenger when sending a message to NursIT Institute or via https://m.me/669848266450137. By doing so you can easily test the (admittedly modest) possibilities.

Example: Patient intake

A patient is to be admitted today. On his way he sends you  (the hospital) a message via Facebook.

Patient: Where can I park?

The chatbot shows him access information or a reserved parking space.

Patient: What should I take to the clinic?

The chatbot now leads the patient to a checklist for admission to the clinic.

Also for a survey of patient satisfaction a ChatBot can be used well. And this is just the beginning. If you include a nursing chat message in a secure, encrypted or clinic-based messenger system, nursing routine information such as the pain scale or other parameters can be interrogated and recorded.

I can well imagine that this is an alternative to the generation „smartphone“ and the patient is thus more integrated into the processes. In any case, a ChatBot can reduce the number of inquiries and calls since the information is provided on demand.

What do you mean? I am looking forward to your comments!

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