Each patient is entitled to a well-prepared and optimally coordinated transfer from the hospital. Successful transfer and discharge management minimizes the interface problems between the hospital and post-hospital care.

This requirement is documented not only in the national expert standard „discharge management in nursing care“, but is also regulated in the statutory health care insurance law (GKV-VSG) with the new § 39 para 1a SGB V (2015). In addition, as of July 1, 2017, the hospitals have to include the patient into a formal discharge management at the time of dismissal, as laid down in the framework conditions of the Federal Office for Social Welfare in autumn 2016.

For each patient, a discharge plan must therefore be drawn up in the future. Such a planned dismissal requires the definition and documentation of criteria (ensuring the post-hospital care, the provision of medical supplies, discussions with relatives, etc.), which are necessary for a successful transfer.

In the CareIT care application software CareIT Pro, these criteria can be created as milestones for all persons involved in the care process and can be displayed transparently (dashboard). Furthermore, the software monitors any deviations and inaccuracies in discharge planning. Checklists and automatic process progress analyzes also show on the occupancy dashboard beside the current assignment, also possible or planned dismissals, as well as milestones to be completed beforehand. In this way, all the employees of the therapeutic team always have the most important milestones of a patient in mind until they are discharged, thus also setting the right parameters for an efficient and sustainable patient continuation.

The care expert software CareIT Pro supports the entire process to a successful discharge and transfer process. More information here, or …

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