IMG_2211Yesterday the participants of the first Swiss COS event had to walk past banana palm trees, ripe dragon fruits and green papayas,  to find out about the latest developments in the eHealth market in the „Jungle Camp“. The initiative „Scheduling Healthcare“ invited representatives of Swiss hospitals to the tropics house Wolhusen to this tropical update.

NursIT Institute there made its debut on the Swiss hospital market as well, with the award-winning software CareIT Pro.
Heiko Mania, Managing Director of the company, about NursIT’s philosophy: „We want to transform nurses from documentation makers into documentation users. The  documentation is therefore to be generated automatically by smart technologies. “
He also rated the potential, as part of a clinic organization systems, as very high. This is because care measures can be prioritized and automatically coordinated in real time with other clinical appointments of the patient. Thus, the fractionation of the care processes is significantly minimized and also waiting times for the patient are considerably reduced.
In combination with the smart personnel deployment planning of the Allocate company, information on the care intensity of the stations and current or planned interventions, as well as the consideration of historical data, can also show a prognosticated resource requirement. This can then be organized by various services by the nurses themselves.
But also a DRG-compliant patient flow control based on self-care capabilities is possible with the COS.IMG_2204
„In addition, highly innovative and intelligent software systems are operating under the hood of the clinical organization systems.“, Guido Burckhardt, one of the initiators of Scheduling Healthcare and Managing Director of qhit, explains. In particular, he refers to the brand-new resource management system HiveMed from MedSolv and the clinical process management cockpit from Spare.

With the experiences of the first projects begun in Switzerland and Germany, the participants were able to learn more about the possibilities and potentials of such an organizational solution. The interesting discussions and positive feedback show that there is a great interest of the hospitals.

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