16 hours flight, 9000 kilometers and a sleepless night later, we arrived at the airport of Manila. We met Mrs. Mueller from start MediCare, as well as Rose and Enrico from the mediation agency. On our way to the hotel it quickly became apparent that we have arrived in another, poorer world. In the tropical heat it is only teeming with people, cars and mopeds.
We pass past decayed and needy connotations. Life is quite clear on the street. Nevertheless, we are very glad to have an experienced driver, because traffic regulations are considered as a recommendation. You agree with the horn of the car.

Our first meeting will take place at GP agency. There, applicants for various jobs abroad are interviewed, tested, medically examined and all formalities done. The transfer of Philippine staff to other countries is very much regulated by the state. All participants must be registered and follow the exact rules.

There trained nurses from different regions of the Philippines were waiting for us. They are interested and enthusiastic about the presentation of Mr. Prölß  about the work in UKE. In the questions and reactions of the participants is quickly clear- for many it is a dream to be able to work in such a clinic with the appropriate social and financial framework. But a point is emphasized here over and over – only with speech level B2 their dream will be attainable.

A tour of the building leads through classrooms, assessment stations and a small clinic. Here is the legal and administrative gateway to work in another country.With these new impressions and completely exhausted, the official part of the first day ends in hot Manila.On the second day, a visit to Far Eastern University and the associated clinic is on the agenda.What we have experienced there, I will report in the third part of this series …

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