The conhIT 2017 was again a great success – even bigger and even more exhibitors. The largest German Health-IT conference and fair attracted interested and decision makers in the health sector. Care is also gradually becoming the focus of this event. So there were some lectures, panel discussions and an industry management on the topic of „care“.

We from the NursIT Institute again were present at the Berlin-Brandenburg Community Stand, as we presented the latest developments of our nursing expert software CareIT Pro and our service around the subject of „Lean Nursing“ with a strengthened team.

What could we take with us in terms of care from conhIT 2017 in a nursing perspective?

Many actors in theory deal, in the form of current studies, with the digitization of care. Thus, among other things, The panel discussion „Digitization in the care – When does the knot burst“ took place. It was also striking that when nursing was the topic, usually the outpatient or long-term care is meant. Why is clinical care so little on the radar of the actors?
Of course, there were also some manufacturers of nursing software present.

All in all, it is certain that there is still much to do in order to anchor the modern technologies in the care sector. This includes the fact that the care itself should organize and engage itself in order to determine the requirements of the own digital tools themselves. But also the creation of incentives for the introduction and use of digital care documentation was mentioned. Another point is the lack of advice and training in the area of ​​nursing technologies.

Lecture at the Lunchtalk of Berlin partner 

Yes! The organization of care in a network or association for nursing ICT is necessary. 10 years ago, I was the chairman of the „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pflegeinformatik“. This association of 40 nurses was apparently ahead of its time and has disappeared after 3 years. Today, exactly the same company is needed to help shape technological developments. Therefore, we are currently working on reviving the idea and starting the „Network for Innovation and Technology in Care“. More information soon 🙂

The incentives for the use of digital care documentation can also be set by the manufacturers. If nursing staff can save up to 60 minutes of documentation time per patient and can also secure additional income of up to 75 euros through the information collected, this should be a strong incentive for every decision maker. CareIT Pro can do just that and makes the PKMS automatic.

We also offer advice on innovations and technologies and care. Within the framework of our Lean Nursing method, we do not only consider the processes, but also the existing tools and IT systems, as well as gaps and potentials. We also offer a wide range of seminars on nursing innovations and IT.

Panel discussion on the new FHIR interface, CareIT uses as well

So there is already a lot available. The nursing staff should be even more informed in this area and also demand the digital facilitation!

We like to support this topic with lectures, presentations and seminars. Many nursing directories have already used our information offer. Just contact us without obligation!

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