The „Network for Innovations and Technologies in Nursing“ (NITiP) will be launched on 31.05.2017 with the virtual nursing conference „Innovations for the nurturing experience …“. The aim is to bring together providers of innovative technological products and services and nurses, and to discuss new solutions on the market, successful projects and future developments.

The working environment of occupational care is changing more and more rapidly, and the complexity, pressure and professionalism are becoming increasingly problematic. Digitization of care is increasingly viewed as a solution approach. More and more often, nurses are being nurtured to actively organize the digitalisation of their profession.

However, in reality, nursing staff and care management often have no idea what solutions and services are already available in the market and which innovations are already „at the door“. In addition, they have too few opportunities to actively influence the development of technologies and services. As a result, many products and services are being developed to meet the needs of nursing staff and the real care process. In addition, there is also a lack of a nursing organization in Germany that is actively working on this topic.

For this reason, NursIT Institute is launching the new „Network for Innovations and Technologies in Nursing“ ( Through information events and workshops, the technological and innovative possibilities of the market and the real requirements of the users are to ensure synergies on both sides.

The virtual nursing conference „Innovations for the care of life …“ ( will take place on 31st May 2017. The special feature of this conference is that it is conducted exclusively online (in a webinar form). Participants can come and go according to interest, virtually. All lectures are recorded and can also be used later for interested nursing staff. Many new, innovative themes, projects and success stories are presented to the participants. The entire event is free and requires only a short registration, a PC or a smartphone. The organization of journeys to conferences, which is often difficult for nursing staff, is thus dispensed with. At home, at work or mobile – the participation is child-friendly.

In the future, care-technology topics will also be worked on in the network, positions will be developed and joint projects promoted.

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