Digital process support has already proved itself in many industries. Smart technologies and innovations in the care sector are increasingly being used. Care 4.0 is a current term and means, among other things, a consistent use of technology and digital care processes.

At the same time, digitalization in care is often perceived as a practice-free and overwhelming one. In addition, the benefits and support of care IT are often not experienced, but increasing burdens and expenses.

This is not only due to the often low maintenance orientation of the technologies, but also to the underlying, often variable processes. The lack of time and resources, as well as the way in which such systems are implemented in health care facilities, can be the cause. In order to avoid the demotivation and overburdening of the nursing staff by the inexorable digitization in the nursing care, technically competent nurses are needed, who contribute as a contact person in nursing, as representatives of interests in technology projects and also in the development of new, innovative care technologies.

The practical, online continuing education „specialist for IT in care“ is especially designed for the needs of nursing staff. The course can be completed easily online and mobile. All lectures are also recorded and can be visited independently. It does not provide skills for the application of a specific IT system of a specific manufacturer, but competences for the digital information management in nursing day.

All information about the course here (German)

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