Digitization in nursing will be coming and the working environment will change dramatically. The management could prepare for it and thus use the potentials or ignore it and thus be overwhelmed by it.

Innovative technologies for care have been available for a long time, but only about 27% of German nurses are supported digitally.
Many decision-makers, manufacturers and nurses also believe that they already have digital care documentation just because digital forms are available. The nurses have their own and special requirements for digital support. To this end, the experience of care with IT in recent years, characterized by documentation for other professional groups, is rather negative. And since nursing information is not a solid component of education, the IT competencies in care are rather heterogeneous.

So how can nurses be prepared for digital transformation?

The topic of digital transformation and the underlying methods and technologies must become part of nursing competence and nursing care. This can certainly not be done by means of instructions or „presetting“ of IT solutions.
An organizational development and management is required. The digital participation of care requires appropriate organizational structures and competences in nursing.

The establishment of a staff unit „digital transformation in the care“ and the occupation with a care informer would be a sensible first step. On the one hand, this nursing assistant can represent the interests and requirements of nursing staff in IT projects and projects and train the nursing colleagues. In addition, he advises the management as well as preparing and analyzing the key figures.

On the stations and nursing areas, nursing IT key users should also be named and qulified. These key users are coordinated by the „Digital Transformation in Care“ office and integrated into all relevant projects. IT key users in care are also the contact persons for their nursing colleagues. They determine the IT training needs of the students and coach directly in the work environment. They also provide on-site support and pass on the requirements to the staff. They are therefore also the key to a careful and beneficial use of technology.

Such a structure requires corresponding process, project and IT competences of the nursing staff assigned to these tasks. This is the only way to properly assess existing processes and technologies, and to define and implement the requirements correctly.

I will discuss the technology-relevant competencies of the staff, the key users and the nurses in a later post.

If you would like to qualify as an IT key user in care, the new online course „Specialist for IT in Care (German)“ is recommended.

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