It is astonishing that because of the lack of specialist skills in the nursing care, more and more operations are postponed, old people’s homes and stations have to be closed, and more than 70% of nursing staff still documents with paper and pen. Digitization relieves the burden of care and generates revenues!

As a rule, the nurses themselves do not usually decide about their digital tools. And so it is hardly surprising that the administration or the IT departments often have their own view and arguments on these topics. And these are very often the same:

„We are already doing care in our HIS and want everything from one source“ – How lucky is the nursing staff? Has your HIS provider ever shown you how much time and effort the nurses save? How strongly does the HIS systematically automate?
„We do not have time and money for the introduction of a care software“ – What does a closed station cost? In addition, a modern nursing expert software even generates revenues and can pay for itself. And in the absence of time one must inevitably think of the wood catcher, who is struggling with a dull ax. He needs three times longer, but has no time to sharpen it.
These are just two arguments (or excuses) against digitization in nursing. You can view the entire presentation here [German]:


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