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of the healthcare facilities in Germany still document with pen and paper
In over 70% of the German health care institutions the nurses document with pen and paper. The other areas use mostly traditional care software. However, these software solutions often only provide the paper documents in IT. This does not only have advantages (transparency, availability and completeness), but often this documentation takes even longer and is performed far from the patient. We skip this software generation and enable automated, predictive and preventive care with consistent patient orientation.

CareIT Pro goes the other way …

Maturity of Care


Paper & Pen: Classical organization of documentation with variable underlying processes.


Digitalization: 1:1 Implementation of forms on a digital form, followed by the process of technology.


Empowerment and Networking with Patients: Preventive care with underlying digitalisation and simultaneous academicisation.


Lean Nursing: Agile maintenance with digital workflow. Integration, Automation, Decision Support & Prediction, as well as Technology Competence.

The Features of CareIT Pro

Automated care documentation according to the WHO care process


The basis of each automation is standardized processes. CareIT Pro therefore focuses on lean and waste-free workflows, such as can be achieved and supported with Lean Nursing. CareIT Pro is documented after the 4-phase care process. However, we have considerably streamlined the documents and automated the process to a large extent.

For the recording documentation, you only need to use our anamnesis and our assessment form. This reduces the effort to only a few minutes and also provides an extensive, nurturing risk assessment, as well as an autom. Calculation of care intensity, potential poststationary care requirements and the risk of resumption. The preventive care measures and the discharge process are already starting with nursing care in CareIT Pro.

The care problems (care diagnoses) are automatically derived from the collected data and appropriate measures (nursing interventions) are proposed. CareIT Pro learns and always suggests the relevant measures for the area with appropriate implementation intervals. Maintenance classifications run in the background of the software and do not have to be learned by the users for use as a nursing language.
In order to provide nurses and management with a visibility of nursing processes, CareIT Pro generates a variety of real-time metrics (such as PKMS, general care, and more) and provides them with clear dashboards.

Extension modules for CareIT Pro

As individual as your facility:

CareIT Pro is individually customizable by various modules and can thus be adapted to the circumstances in your facility. From recording, occupancy and discharge control, to a portal directly for the patient, everything is there: The following modules are currently available:

Our solutions support the nursing staff in a preventive manner, in the workflow and in professional decisions! – Stoyan Halkaliev
Wound Management
Recording, Occupancy and Discharge Control
Social Services
CareIT One

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