The Team

[dt_sc_team name=“Steffen Schnell“ degree=“Head of Project Management“ email=““ role=“Project Management“ image=““ twitter=“#“ linkedin=“#“] Steffen Schnell is a Bachelor of Business Administration and has more than 17 years of experience in medical technology and healthcare. He was also responsible for projects and process optimization in all positions (specialist planner for medical equipment planning, deputy division manager, purchasing manager, service manager).[/dt_sc_team]

[dt_sc_team name=“Murat Söyler“ degree=“Head of Product Management“ email=““ role=“Product Management“ image=““ twitter=“#“ linkedin=“#“] [/dt_sc_team]

[dt_sc_team name=“Roi Tevel“ degree=“Developer“ email=““ role=“Development“ image=““ twitter=“#“ linkedin=“#“][/dt_sc_team]

[dt_sc_team name=“Joshua Mania“ degree=“Student“ email=““ role=“Development“ image=““ twitter=“#“ linkedin=“#“] [/dt_sc_team]