Fall Prevention Package

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One of the most common causes for the need of care in old age are falls. They are not only very painful for the person concerned, but very often lead to loss of independence.
“About 80 percent of falls run lightly. If injuries occur, these are mostly bruises, abrasions and lacerations, often at the top.
In about five percent of crashes, however, it comes to fractures. Thus, alone in nursing facilities over 30,000 hip fractures a year occur – making out about 25 percent of annually diagnosed cases in Germany. In addition, due to fall researcher Dr. Clemens Becker, 30,000 other fractures occur. “[1]

[dt_sc_infographic_bar icon=“fa-bolt“ icon_size=“small“ value=“25″ type=“standard“] of all hip fractures occur in nursing facilities.[/dt_sc_infographic_bar]



Many elderly persons only have small knowledge about the risks and potential problems caused by falls. Being ashamed, they often do not ask about it. Patient education on the subject is differently well established in different health facilities.

The NursIT Fall-Prevention Package provides a specific solution in order to reduce the risk and the number of falls of your patients. NursIT combines evident methods and tools from the USA, Australia and Europe, to increase the safety of your patients. American researchers were able to reduce the rate of falls by more than 60%, only using parts of the method.

What’s included in the package?

  • Analysis of the current workflow
  • Development of a target workflow
  • Software “CareIT Pro”  for safe fall-risk assessment, documentation, intervention and evaluation , and for generating the patient information
  • training staff about fall prevention and patient education
  • posters, information and training materials for staff and patients
  • Red Anti-Fall Socks as memo marker for the overall concept
  • measuring the fall rate before and after introduction of the concept

How quickly can the concept be introduced?

The introduction of the NursIT Fall-Prevention-Pakets can be carried out at short notice. After installing the software, we need about one week per station for workflow optimization and training. With the introduction of several stations individual steps may of course be combined.

Do you want to reduce the fall risk of your patients? 

We are pleased to help and consult about our solutions.

Your contact person:

Heiko Mania

Product Manager & Professional Services

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