Lean Nursing

Lean Nursing (agile nursing) means the totality of all methods and tools for efficient and valuable occupational care based on a derivation and further development of the lean management or hospital.

It pursues the goal of providing more cost-efficient, standardized, high-quality, motivating and patient-oriented care with less work.

Lean management methods have emerged since the middle of the 20th century with the Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota, which has succeeded in shaping stable process organizations, achieving a high quality level and increasing employee and customer satisfaction. Since 2001, hospitals in the US have also increasingly begun to adopt these methods successfully and to organize them as Lean Hospital. The main focus here is on the streamlining and standardization of clinical processes, on-site management with day-to-day ratios and permanent improvement. However, many of the supporting tools are depicted in the analog world (e.g., whiteboards).

prozesse-2NursIT Institute has adapted and further developed the Lean Hospital methods as professional Lean Nursing. In addition, these methods are supported sustainably by the smart care expert software „CareIT Pro“.

The Lean Nursing method is essentially based on the following 7 principles:

  • Absolute Patient Orientation
  • Waste free processes
  • Demand-driven service
  • Guided tour on site and with key figures
  • Building the skills of the employees
  • Value-adding use of innovative technologies
  • Continuous improvement

Lean Nursing – Consulting, Analysis and Coaching

We would be pleased to advise you on the possibilities and potential of Lean Nursing and an implementation in your company. Through a process analysis, we can show you the value-adding and wasting process steps and show efficient solutions.

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